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The Energy Market

As the energy landscape continues towards increased competitiveness, market players are faced with the reality that they must not only streamline their operations, but remain agile enough to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Teams need the right tools to efficiently run their operations and the flexibility to adapt and scale as their businesses grow.

Our systems for the Energy Market were designed and built with simplicity, flexibility and extensibility in mind. They're trusted by teams to run, reliably, every minute of every day; anything short of that is unacceptable.


Efficient Hydrocarbon Accounting

Take control of your hydrocarbon supply chain. Features include:
  • Monitor gas quality and gas flow once the hydrocarbons are in the transportation pipelines
  • Forecast and implement optimal nomination regimes
  • Verify operating schedules
  • Track, allocation and calculate consumption and charges at all delivery points
  • Manage and reconcile your supplier costs

The Gas Management System has helped many organizations streamline their hydrocarbon operations, empowering intelligent, efficient teams.

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Dynamic Utility Retailing

Utility sales and billing systems should not only work, they must be flexible and adaptable. Your customers demand competitive, creative contracts and pricing algorithms that gives them some control of their costs. Your IT system should not be the limiting factor that dictates what you can or cannot offer.

The Utility Retail System is a dynamic, fully-configurable enterprise-class retailing and billing system that grows and adapts to your business.

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Enterprise Information

Understanding your enterprise can be overwhelming, especially when your resources are limited and demand comes from every direction. IT systems should be transparent and effective, giving you the freedom, knowledge and tools to focus on what you do best.

Enterprise Alerts & Monitoring

Every Aspect of Your Enterprise at Your Fingertips

If you’re as obsessed as we are with staying on top of your organization, being able to predict consumer behavior, knowing when our IT platforms need to be ramped up or ramped down to adjust to demand, or anything else imaginable, then this system was designed for you.

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Differentiate Your Organization through Knowledge and Insight

Do you know what your customers want before they do? What’s the optimal purchasing strategy? Are your systems holding up to computing demands? Find answers to these questions and more using smart analytics. What’s more, it’s not as complex or costly as it seems.

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Enterprise Identity
Provider with
Single Sign-On

Centralized, Scalable and Platform-Agnostic Identity Management

Users have enough accounts and passwords to memorize. Take control of your organization’s identity issues by centralizing management and access control to your information assets, including web and mobile applications, APIs, web services and legacy systems. The framework is robust, extensible and enterprise-ready.

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Open Source
*And Free*

Free, open-source software is great. Extensible, tested and enterprise-ready makes it even better. We build applications that help us manage our team and our projects efficiently, and we’ve made them available for everyone. Use these packages right out of the box, or extend and integrate using the pre-built APIs.

Issue Tracking

Designed for people, supporting IT

Simple to use, yet feature-rich. A no nonsense web-based issue tracking software that allows IT teams to efficiently support projects and collaborate with their user base. There is virtually no learning curve for users; integration is available with tools that they use every day.

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Leave Scheduling

A Birdseye View of Your Team

Submit, review and approve leave requests in web browsers, mobile apps and emails. Team leads, managers and authorized users are automatically notified of requests and approvals. Team calendars are updated automatically, allowing centralized viewing and planning of resource availability and assignments.

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Community Knowledge Base

Encourage knowledge sharing and collaboration among your organizational teams. The online documentation portal enables teams to easily contribute and explore information that’s immediately pertinent to their work, mitigating the need to search the entire web. The data is secure and maintained within your organization.

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